How to Define Conservative?

Nebraska State Senator Laura Ebke recently posed an interesting question to her followers on Facebook about how they each define their ideological approaches to political questions. The post was sufficiently thought provoking that it merits a more substantive response than the medium of Facebook permits. A true conservative is someone fights to preserve the natural […]

Trump’s Foreign Policy Explained

Donald Trump hasn’t been sworn into office yet and already his foreign policy moves are causing consternation among the Washington foreign policy and defense establishment. In fact, his most fervent critics don’t give him credit for having a set “policy” at all, but rather accuse him of aimless incompetence. The more conspiratorially inclined might even […]

#NeverHillary beats #NeverTrump

Throughout the 2016 campaign a vocal minority of the Republican Party refused to support the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump. So called #NeverTrump Republicans had many concerns about his candidacy which are nicely summarized by my friend Ryan Darby here. I shared some of these concerns and had several others. I always acknowledged Trump could […]

Thoughts on the Two Party System – A Response to Senator Ebke

This past week Nebraska’s Libertarian State Senator, Laura Ebke, posted some thoughts on her personal Facebook page about the party system in America that called to mind several of my own reflections. In a spirit of good natured debate I’ll pull them together here in response to Senator Ebke. First, the Senator’s quote in full: […]

After Orlando: A Few Questions for Gun Control Advocates

A lot of posts in social media about gun control this morning, many demanding that guns be confiscated and that our political leadership stand up to the NRA. A few questions for the gun control advocates: If my neighbor who wears a uniform can defend herself from radical Islamic terrorism with a rifle, why can’t […]

Natural Law and the War on Terrorism

There has been a fascinating foreign policy debate in recent days between leaders in San Diego County’s conservative movement.  The flashpoint was congressional candidate Jacqui Atkinson’s recent critique diplomacy with Iran, which sparked an acrimonious though substantive exchange on competing visions for a just foreign policy between Frank Dowse and Eric Andersen.  In the discussion, […]

10th Amendment Mr. Hunter?

As a Republican activist I’d much rather spend my time critiquing Democrats and celebrating Republicans, as I’ve done repeatedly on these pages here, here, here, and here. But every few months it seems Congressman Hunter does something that requires a conservative critique. A few months ago the Congressman published his ridiculous “Hunter Doctrine,” which placed […]